Facebook Booking Engine App

Take reservations / bookings on the worlds largest social network!

Our Facebook booking engine app allows you to install a reservation booking engine system onto your Facebook page.

facebook booking engine

Where to start with the Guestfront Facebook Booking Engine

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Allow your guests to book on the worlds largest social network.

Our Facebook booking engine app allows you to integrate your Guestfront account onto your Facebook business page. It only takes a couple of minutes. See the Facebook Booking Engine integration guide in our knowledge base.

This will allow you to open up a new sales channel and customer base that you never had before. Sign up today and install the Guestfront booking engine onto your Facebook business page within a matter of minutes.


  • Integrate directly into your Facebook page
  • Manage all your website and Facebook reservations from one central online system.

facebook booking engine app

Where to start

Sign up today and you will receive detailed instructions on how to install your app and take reservations direct from Facebook.