Women and management in the hotel industry

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Women and management in the hotel industry

Why are few women found in senior hotel managerial positions?

As the hospitality sector reaches boom time again few women are found in high managerial positions. Although the sector is dominated by women it is managed by men. Women are mainly found in positions that are stereo typically ascribed to their gender, such as sales, housekeeping and marketing.

A study conducted by Bournemouth University suggests that women are equally qualified and capable to their male counterparts and they acquire skills that are considered to be more effective in the context of the hospitality industry. Women are nurturing,caring,supporting and better at communicating with people. This represents the high standards of  professionalism required in the hospitality industry to develop and maintain good quality customers.

The Irish women leading the way.

When we looked in LinkedIn for senior managers of hotels in Ireland, we were pleasantly surprised to find plenty of strong female  leaders in the hospitality sector e.g.

Edel Clinch -Senior Hotel Manager of The Headfort Arms, Kells. 

Irene Hurley -Hotel Manager of Ballyseede Castle, Tralee

Mary Gleeson -General Manager at Old Ground Hotel, Ennis.


The study proposes that hotels that have women in managerial positions are more successful in facing the increasing competitiveness and adapt to changes more efficiently.


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Apprenticeships in the Hotel/Tourism Sector

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Chef training apprentice in food service

Learning on the job

Could apprenticeships help address skills shortages in  the hotel industry?

The apprenticeships programme consists of education and training for employed apprentices, with a minimum time period for each phase of training and an overall minimum period of 4 years in employment required to be completed by the apprentice in the specified trade. These alternating phases of training typically consist of three off – the – job phases(does not generally exceed 40 weeks) and four on- the- job phases.


waitress smiling with breakfast tray

To obtain an apprenticeship;

  • Apprentice must be at least 16 years old.
  • Have at least a grade D in any 5 subjects in the Junior Certificate Examination or an approved equivalent.
  • Participant must obtain employment as an apprentice in their chosen occupation.
  • Employer must be approved by SOLAS and must register the apprentice within 2 weeks of recruitment.
  • If over 16 years of age with 3 years work experience in a relevant designated industrial activity as SOLAS shall deem acceptable it is still possible to qualify for an apprenticeship.


hotel front desk staff happy at work

A happy team is good for business

For more information on apprenticeships visit Failte Ireland  the National Tourism Development Authority which guides and promotes the development of  tourism in Ireland. Qualifax provides comprehensive information on further and higher education and training courses in tourism.

Teagasc is Ireland’s  agricultural and food development authority. It provides research,advisory and training services to the agricultural and food industry.

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New employees incentive with less cost

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Would you like new staff and €10,000 towards paying each one?

An incentive which saves up to €10,000 for each new employee recruited with ‘JobsPlus’ initiative is available to employers.

There are two levels of incentive;

  • €7,500 for recruiting people who have been unemployed for more than 12 months, but less than 24 months
  • €10,000 for recruiting people unemployed for more than 24 months

There is no limit on the number of new recruits per employer.

This incentive is available to employers who;

  • Offer any full time employment of over 30 hours per week,spanning at least four days per week for eligible recruits;
  • Fill new vacancies including opportunities due to natural turnover;
  • Are fully compliant with Irish tax and employment laws;
  • Ensure eligible jobs do not displace any existing employee;

What do you do next?

Simply apply to become an approved employer by completing the online application form on www.jobsplus.ie.

A prospective employee can also apply online at www.jobsplus.ie to verify if they are an eligible employee under the incentive. To be considered eligible the candidate must be a minimum of 12 months on the live register of job seekers. This is reduced to only 4 months for jobseekers aged under 25.

The incentive will be payable to the employer monthly in arrears, over a two year period, by the Department of Social Protection.

Want to learn more?

This is the process;

  • Go to www.jobsplus.ie and register
  • Advertise your job as normal
  • For help finding suitable eligible candidates contact your local Intreo Centre/Employment Service Office.
  • Include your vacancy on www.jobsireland.ie


Shortlisted Candidates?

  • Candidates must verify their eligibility with www.jobsplus.ie
  • Eligible candidates will receive confirmation and a JP1 form for the employer to complete.

Found your new employee?

  • Return JP1 form to the JobsPlus Team.
  • You will be notified of approval
  • Offer position to candidate


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Age Discrimination in the Hospitality Industry

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Age Discrimination in the Hospitality Industry

Is your team lacking a key player?

Evidence of indirect discrimination is outlined in research conducted with HR managers in hotels in the UK and Ireland by the University of Huddersfield, www.researchgate.net/publication/238695045 . The research cites the following as indirect discrimination;

  • Widespread use of internet recruitment
  • A focus on local colleges when recruiting
  • A focus on work flexibility
  • A desire to recruit Eastern European workers
  • Few special initiatives to attract older employees

Age discrimination is a neglected social phenomenon. There is a lack of awareness in organisations about older workers and the problem of age discrimination. (Loretto and White 2006).

The research suggests the following for HR managers in the industry to reduce age discrimination in the workplace

  1. Ensure age-neutrality in recruitment and selection
  2. Develop and implement a recruitment strategy which uses a broad range of methods
  3. Develop and implement special initiatives to attract older workers
  4. Collect and make use of statistics on the age of employees in the workforce and the age of applicants who were shortlisted,selected or appointed
  5. Offer age awareness training to all employees and managers
  6. Train line managers on equality issues and how they should interpret and implement the workplaces’ equal opporunities and/or managing diversity policy
  7. Offer specific Information Technology training for older workers
  8. Develop and implement a promotions policy which is age neutral and encourage older workers to apply for promotion
  9. Offer a greater range of flexible work patterns to all workers and offer greater flexibility in terms of retirement
  10. Ensure age-neutrality where redundancies is concerned
  11. Include a specific mention of age in the organisations equal opportunities or managing diversity policy
  12. Establish and support an age-diversity work group to advise on age related matters
  13. Develop and implement policy and practice on developing an age-diverse workforce
  14. Ensure that all managers are aware of age discrimination legislation and other major initiatives to address age discrimination in the workforce and that these are translated into policy and practice.
  15. Measure the effects of the organisations equal opportunities and /or managing diversity policies

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Impact of Brexit on Irish Hotel Industry

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Impact of Brexit on Irish Hotel Industry

What will Brexit mean for your hospitality business?

A Brexit sentiment survey of the hospitality industry conducted by Crowe Horwath in September 2016 tells us that the majority of hotels anticipate a decline in demand from the UK and Northern Ireland market. However, the industry remains uncertain of the level of impact Brexit will have on it’s business. The industry went from Celtic Tiger boom to bust and boom again in 2016.

The UK accounts for over 40% of inbound oversees tourists but less favorable exchange rates could dampen demand. Regional penetration by the UK tourist market is much higher than that of American or European tourists. Some in the industry cite increase in the domestic market due to consumer confidence as offsetting any downturn in UK market, but, will this growth be sufficient to bridge the gap in the regions outside of Dublin and the tourism hot spots.

On the other hand,  assuming sterling remains weak, the UK and Northern Ireland will offer better value for this very domestic market. Uncertainty around the common travel area between Ireland and the UK will certainly impact on the industry in the border area and contribute to volatility generally in the industry.

Demand for B&B accommodation exceeds supply in tourism hot spot areas and is fueled greatly by tourists from mainland Europe. However operators also face competition from Airbnb which has dominated the urban rental market and continues to grow in vacation rental and business travel.

The retention of the 9% reduced VAT rate for the tourism and hospitality related services by the government
is welcomed but is it sufficient to ensure the survival of the industry in the Border Counties and remote regions post Brexit?

Where do you go for help?

InterTrade Ireland has great facilities to help you cope with Brexit including:

  • breakfast briefings
  • factsheets
  • grants
  • supports

Check out what’s available for your business here


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Hotel Cyber Insurance – Food for thought

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Hotel Cyber Insurance – Food for thought

Hotel Cyber Insurance – Food for thought

Cyber Insurance is relatively new and standardisation is slow to materialise. Under new EU law to be introduced shortly companies could be fined up to 2% of annual turnover should they suffer a data breach.

Prevention is the best form of insurance against a data breach but human error together with new trends such as outsourcing data processing to cloud providers and the use of mobile devices to conduct business have greatly increased the risk of a data breach. Even with all the resources of the U.S. Presidential Office, simple errors can cost people their jobs. It was recently discovered that the @POTUS Twitter account was linked to an unsecured Gmail account.

Protecting your small business

Small businesses are viewed by cyber criminals as fairly lucrative, low risk targets.

Apart from coverage for data breach or loss of data are you covered for the unexpected expenses;

  • Forensic investigations
  • Legal fees
  • Public Relations
  • Legal Fees
  • Communication – data breach notification

When sourcing cyber insurance here are some tips from the experts ;

  1. Not all policies are the same (Do they cover what you want them to cover)
  2. Evaluate your risk
  3. What coverage do you have from your vendors
  4. Are you responsible for substantial deductibles
  5. Does your policy have an arbitration clause
  6. Does your policy cover first party loss and third party damage claims
  7. Where does cyber insurance fit in with your other coverage

With more and more of your transactions and business happening online, can you afford not to have cyber insurance?

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Is accessibility in need of improvement in your hotel?

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Is accessibility in need of improvement in your hotel?

Accessibility provides an opportunity to increase sales by expanding the hospitality market to include people with disabilities and their companions making good business sense.

Are you losing business to a competitor who is more accessible?

People with disabilities come from all demographics and economic brackets and are travelling/holidaying and accessing your facility for the same reasons as everyone else.

  • Census statistics tells us that 13% of the population in Ireland are recorded as having disabilities
  • At least 1 in 10 adults of working age have a disability
  • 5% of children have a disability

Legal compliance obligations for disability accessibility goes some way to accommodate this target group but increased focus on disability friendly services provides an opportunity for the hospitality sector to broaden the market base in response to a growing demand for disability accommodation.

In Ireland a new quality mark is established for disability access in tourism; the EIQA Able Tourism Award. However according to IWA (Irish Wheelchair Association), this award has not been widely sought after within the accommodation sector.

Access Earth have developed an app which can be used on all android devices which makes it easier for the disability community to rate and review the places they visit on their level of accessibility.

Wheelchair users in particular require quite specific services to encourage their usage of your facility.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Apart from wheelchair accessible entrance provide accessible routes to other areas of your facility
  • Accessible toilets with plenty of space for easy transfers
  • Adequate turning space
  • Proper bed height to accommodate lift mechanisms
  • Roll in shower facilities
  • Accessible rooms close to the elevator on each floor
  • Proper counter height and clearance beneath vanity.
  • Accessible exercise areas including pool, gym,health spa,golf course etc.
  • Wheelchair accessible light switches,sockets, WiFi etc.
  • Restaurant wheelchair seating


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Cyber Security at your hotel one step ahead of the Criminals?

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Cyber Security at your hotel one step ahead of the Criminals?

New kinds of Cyber Security threats appear daily creating a real challenge for industry.

The growth of devices opens doors for hackers with malicious intentions. Security experts say their experience across the world has shown that maturing business and enterprises are often vulnerable to compromise and will be breached.


When you embrace social media as a way to advertise and connect with customers be aware that social media carries Cyber Security risks.

The easiest way of bypassing a company’s IT security is to go direct to its staff using social media, harmful emails and messages. Firewalls and anti-virus software only provide protection if a company culture reflects the safety policy also.

Top tips for staying safe online:

  • Educating people to stay aware and safe is one way to reduce Cyber Security threats.
  • Have a clear social media policy on what information employees should avoid sharing on sites.
  • Staff can limit exposure to phishing attacks by creating distinct emails for their social media accounts.
  • Suggest staff only use their own devices when accessing social media.
  • Practice good password management using a strong mix of characters and don’t use the same password for multiple sites
  • Back up your data regularly.
  • Be conscientious of what you plug in to your computer – Malware can be spread through infected external devices.
  • Monitor your accounts for any activity which might denote you have been compromised
  • Keep anti virus software up to date.

Even if you take all these precautions, a cyber attack can happen to any business. It is worth looking into getting a cyber insurance policy.

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Help your Hotel/Guesthouse achieve full potential in 2017

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Help your Hotel/Guesthouse achieve full potential in 2017

How do you plan on achieving  your potential in 2017?

Reaching our true potential takes time,effort and a willingness to accept delayed gratification.

Here’s your strategy for achieving success in 2017:

Reflect on the past year

High achievers set themselves up for a great year by reviewing the one just coming to an end. They evaluate what they did in order to gain insight for potential in the New Year. Contemplate on the accomplishments and magic moments of the past year and apply the principles to determine what you want to make happen in the New year.

Evaluated reflection turns experience into insight

Stay Positive

Learn from your previous years experience but do not dwell too long on regrets or missed opportunities.Regret and negativity can kill our drive. Reviewing the magic moments tells us that staying positive in this review process can help us move forward without  losing momentum.

We should build on our strengths

Eliminate the Excess

Reflection helps us highlight the stuff we need to cut. By ruthlessly eliminating the under performing tasks and projects you create space to focus on the activities with the biggest payoff.

Try to quit the things you love that aren’t delivering the results you want

Set compelling goals

Set goals that harness your emotional energy. Prepare yourself to win by setting a clear vision for what you want to accomplish this coming year and why you want to accomplish it. The power is in the word why. 

How can I organize my work and my life to do the things that cause the same smile?

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Embracing LGBT diversity

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Embracing LGBT diversity

Are you embracing LGBT diversity and inclusion to win new business?

The Rainbow Flag

The Rainbow Flag

Being part of a hotel/guesthouse business that is inclusive and allows you to be yourself at work or as a guest means a much more positive workplace or leisure experience.

Use diversity to raise your business profile.

According to GLEN (gay and lesbian equality network) the business case for employers to drive LGBT diversity and inclusion are clear;

  • Mitigating the risk of bullying and harassment
  • Recruiting and retaining the best talent
  • Enhancing employee performance
  • Building company reputation and winning new business
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility


There is richness in diversity

How to achieve an inclusive workforce

In order to meet your responsibility to respect human rights, your enterprise should have in place policies and processes appropriate to your size and circumstances.

Some of GLEN suggestions include;

  • Communication and visibility of LGBT inclusive policies
  • Encourage executive leadership and key-stakeholders buy-in to driving LGBT inclusion in business.
  • Ensure recruitment, induction and training are LGBT inclusive

See how these businesses are leading the way:

1. Accenture
2. EY
3. Microsoft
4. Deutsche Bank
5. Trinity College Dublin
6. eir
7. IBM
7. Sodexo
9. Metlife
10. Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Workplace Equality Index Awards 2016


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